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    • Arpk 317
      By arpkscape · Posted
      Important Links:
      Client Download:https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcaf72qfx99ka38/Arpk Play.zip?dl=1
      Forums: http://aesthetic-realm.com
      Why you should join Aesthetic Realm It is our goal to make your playing experience the best it can be. Our developer is knowledgeable and capable of doing things that most other servers could only dream of. 
      We guarantee an unforgettable experience filled with many journeys along the way. Whether you destroy gigantic bosses, drop your opponents in wilderness, establish wealth like never seen before, or skill harder than none other, we look forward to welcoming you to your new home. Have fun playing Aesthetic-Realm! Active Black Market Our black market is one of the most unique systems in all the RSPS. You can quickly gain wealth and head straight into game play with our unique black market. We, unlike most, allow our players to sell their hard earned wealth if they choose to. We allow our currency (ARGP) to be traded for virtually anything except for real life cash!
      What is BloodLust? Bloodlust is essentially a wilderness competition between registered teams. Each team can have up to ten players, an official captain, and their own team banner. Each team has a specific rating based on the amount of kills and other factors. The team that has the highest rating at the end of the season wins IRL $ and has exclusive bragging rights to winning that respective season! So what are you waiting for? Bring your clan and see if you can win BloodLust! 
      Important Links:
      Client Download:https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcaf72qfx99ka38/Arpk Play.zip?dl=1
      Forums: http://aesthetic-realm.com

      Features: - No lag, 24-7.
      - Stable economy.
      - First server ever to have duo slayer.
      - Fully Working dwarf multicannon
      - Perfectly working Hunter
      - Perfect combat
      - Revenants
      - 15+ bosses including Nex, Corporal beast, tormented demons and many others. 
      - Two custom quests.
      - Full farming
      - Clan system with complete management(promoting, demoting, kicking, banning etc...) 
      - Dungeoneering with mutliple floors
      - Dicing & Flowergame
      - Summoning with all familiars
      - Newest/old hit marks (Can be toggled in the option interface)
      - Glacors + Steadfast, Gaiven and Ragefire boots
      - 5 different slayer masters covering over 96 different Slayer monsters.
      - Full pest control
      - Full Castle Wars
      - Full duel arena
      - Abysall whip vine
      - Pk points System
      - Killstreak system
      - Lottery
      - Hiscores
      - Perfect Ancient Curses.
      - Perfect korasi sword.
      - Slayer helm fully working
      - Completionist cape and Tokhaar-Kal cape
      - Overloads, prayer renewals, recover special potion and more.
      - All special attacks from ags to Dragon Pickaxe fully working.
      - Working renewal, augury & rigour & ring of vigour prayers
      - All npcs have a good variety of drops.
      - Woodcutting trees & mining ores respawn.
      - Advanced teleporting system with jewellery.
      - Vote4Reward
      - Active Community with professional forums.
      - Regular double exp/drops weekend.
      - Fully working abyss plus runecrafting pouches.
      - Enourmous variety of places where you can train skills & combat.
      - Perfect Switching.
      - Website based account management system
      - Regular community events & drop parties. 
      - Bank pins Important Links:
      Client Download:https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcaf72qfx99ka38/Arpk Play.zip?dl=1
      Forums: http://aesthetic-realm.com

    • Hello
      By Arix · Posted
      Wow you are super naughty.
    • Hello
      By Game Master · Posted
      I don't think I'm allowed to post in this section.
    • Infinite Era - 718/742
      By InfiniteEra · Posted
      Updates to crafting and a nice island for ironmen   1:49 PM 2/11/2016 - Crafting leather gloves at level 1 added - Crafting leather boots at level 7 added - Crafting leather cowl at level 9 added - Crafting leather vambs at level 11 added - Crafting leather body at level 14 added - Crafting leather chaps at level 18 added - Crafting coif at level 38 added - Crafting hardleather gloves at level 25 added - Crafting hardleather boots at level 27 added - Crafting hardleather body at level 28 added - Crafting hardleather shield at level 28 added - Fixed soft leather on crafting interface so it can have 7 products to choose - Fixed hard leather on crafting interface so it can have 4 products to choose 1:18 PM 2/12/2016 - Made a difference on trees that will deplete and what not. [IronMan Progress] - Added useful npcs for the new ironman zone - Removed some objects on ironman house so it looks clean - Added Auto teleport inside the house when you click the door since door wont open ;/ - Added summoning obelisk at ironman house - Added thieving stalls - Added bank chest faced west - Added all kinds of Ores at ironman island mining area - Added most possible trees at ironman island woodcutting area - Remove unwanted trees including their annoying leaves above - Added ;;ii command to teleport instantly into IronMan Island 
    • WolfPk
      By kn0te · Posted
      Sorry, I guess critique was the wrong word, and it would be absurd to expect you to use context clues to figure out what I meant. By "only critique" I meant only post that wasn't a mindless bump. Once again you ignore what you're being called out for. You're being called out for having a bunch of other accounts bump your post as often as they can, and for using a rather large amount of gifs. Would you care to respond to either of those points, or are you just going to call out something else and dodge the question, like last time?
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