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  • Latest Posts

    • MutinyPS 718/753
      By runewarfare · Posted
    • RuneKingdom - 459
      By hihihi13 · Posted
      Check out the plans for September: Please login or register to see this link.
    • OS DESTINY, 317/508
      By haden · Posted

      -118 OSRS data
      -Demonic Gorillas
      -Wildy bosses
      -60+ pets
      -lots of custom areas
      -Some custom bosses(Skeleton warlord, The Inadequacy, Zezima, Corrupt sorceress)
      -Nieves slayer dungeon & cave krakens
      -Fixed objects(doesnt lag the server when you mine rocks or cut trees)
      -Player-owned shops
      -Armour trimming
      -Max capes(fully working with correct stats)
      -Fixed ironman sprites + added support sprite
      -Ironman mode & Ultimate ironman modes
      -Lots of items and outfits(Abyssal dagger, bluggeon, Ballistas, Enchanted Zenyte, Shayzien teir 5, deadman armour and some -cosmetic outfits too such as farmers outfit, wrangers outfit, gravedigger outfit)

      -Constant updates!
      -#118 OSRS Data
      -Vote4Credits(Vote for the server to recieve credits to spend in the donator stores!)
      -Armour Trimming
      -Many ways to make gold
      -Loads of ways to obtain gear
      -Fully working clan chat
      -Ironman mode & Ultimate ironman modes
      -Plenty of cool outfits to choose from
      -60+ custom pets
      -15+ Skill pets
      -Skill points system and shops(ex: mine an ore for 1 mining point)
      -14 Skill shops
      -trivia points and shop
      -custom training areas
      -PVM and Boss point system/shops
      -OSRS items and maps
      -Bosses: OSRS Bosses, Godwars, Corporeal beast, Kraken cerberus & tons more
      -Several Custom bosses(corrupt sorceress, zezima, the inadequacy, skeleton warlord, trio bosses)
      -Nieves slayer dungeon with Cave krakens
      -Server trivia with rewards
      -Custom minimap icons
      -Bounty Hunter
      -Lots of Minigames
      -All skills working
      -Rooftop agility
      -Bank tabs
      -Point systems and shops(skill points most skills, pvm points, boss points, trivia points, members points)
      -Skiller max capes & full max capes with correct stats and creation
      -Working hunter

      video - Please login or register to see this link.
       Please login or register to see this link.
      Download link- Please login or register to see this link.

      By StarDev · Posted
      check out our development log for recent updates. bump
    • Avatar Themed Private Server (unofficial name)
      By TheCardinal · Posted
      One also never knows until one tries. Think more of this as an offer to let others in on a unique project and less me necessarily needing people. Anyways, updates to come over the next week.
    • Avatar Themed Private Server (unofficial name)
      By falconpunch · Posted
      I have been around the private server community for a long time Then you'd know that nothing comes free and everything you need you can either do solo and ask for help or pay people Good luck tho
    • Avatar Themed Private Server (unofficial name)
      By TheCardinal · Posted
      To begin, let me say greetings.  I have been around the private server community for a long time, and while not all of that has been spent developing RSPS, I do know my way around a blank source file. The plan for this project is to take one of the several blank project sources that are floating around and instead of tearing down a source already chopped full of stuff I have no need for, just build from the ground up.   Concept Pitch: Those who are familiar with Avatar: the Last Airbender, will know that the lore and fanbase is rich with enthusiasts.  One of the neat things is that the world revolves around not only bending, but also normal people living normal lives and soldiers who wield weapons.  Generally speaking most players will choose to go the bending path simply because of the lore.  The plan is to redo the magic tab and make them into bending actions. Examples being: Air Gust, Sweeping Wind (trips/slows down player), Tornado Binding (think inability to move due to trapped in tornado), Earth would be able to throw rocks, trap players in the earth, and the same continues for each bending action.  While the initial gfx and animations will be a bit tricky, quite a bit is already built into RS itself. There will be the ability to add on/develop evolved bending skills such as metal bending (think smithing), blood bending (think powerful waterbending actions), House building (form of earth bending), Flying (airbending), etc.  The general idea would be a player creates an account and chooses a nation, the nations would be based in different area's spread out throughout the map, yes I realize the concept of a floating village for the Air Nation will be a tad difficult, but doable on some level.  Once a nation is chosen that is essentially the players faction.  I have been fiddling with the idea of death being semi-permanent (your character is reborn) but making it difficult to actually die (at one life you are "saved" in some general aspect, doing so would allow for some sort of actual Avatar system, allowing a player to learn multiple types of bending.  This concept pitch will grow as more ideas are are debated upon and crafted.   What I need: A concept team: People(s) to bounce ideas off and work together to make this project a reality.  This isn't going to be some rushed work we publish in a week or two to try and make money on.  Who know's if this will ever actually be hosted.  The goal is to say we did it, not to cash in. Server Developer(s): People who are willing to put up with my questions and ideas and to help them become a reality.  I planned on doing most of the base work myself, but would love help with it. I find that a developer is much less likely to get burnt out if they are not the only one working on a large list of tasks. Client Developer(s): People(s) who can help with things ranging from creating new interfaces for bending, to help with Modeling (new robes and items will really add to the game).  Gfx and Animations development will probable come as an eventuality. Web Developer(s): Would prefer to concentrate on the project itself and less on worrying about managing a community, however I will acknowledge what is a project without a group of followers and fans.  Therefore, the project will need someone to get a base site and forums up and running.  I have basic HTML and Website hosting background, but having someone who is willing to be involved in the project in this facet would be wonderful. Testers (Eventually) Followers and Fans (Once a Page/Forums are up and running) and last but not least I'll need patience.  This is going to be a slow project with steady but sporadic updates. The Fire Nation wasn't build in a day. Feedback of all sorts welcome. Any corrections needed to this project post will be taken care of as they appear.   If you have any interest please send me a message instead of gumming up the post with, "Sup, I'll do it". I'm not really sure what it is, and not sure I want to know.  Just PM me.   Yours Truly, The Cardinal Project Avatar Themed Private Server (unofficial name)
    • Elveron
      By bobismyname · Posted
      Along with misc core engine rework, the following has been updated;

      - Cleaned up Trivia Bot to use java 8 standards.
      - Cleaned up instance code, should update better now.
      - Renamed Araxxor teleport to Araxxi.
      - Added the ability to string Hydrix amulet.
      - Fixed a bug with Araxxi's handlers making the game timer continue more than it needed to.
      - Fixed text error with the Head Chef.
      -Rise of Six has been updated to include new ultra rare rewards
      -Hydrix should be able to be crafted
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