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    • IPB Patch: October 7th 2015
      By Ziek` · Posted
      Confirmed. The ads don't seem to resize with the template as they should, forcing the template to adjust.
    • How does community reputation work?
      By Game Master · Posted
      I've been following you, making new accounts, and repeatedly liking all of your posts.
    • Mr Extremez Services - Fast - Trusted - Reliable
      By mr extremez · Posted
      I am open to do some services, if you are interested fill out the form, and add my Skype @ mrextremez (click to add) please! 
    • Infinity 724
      By Kethsi · Posted
      yes.   Greetings, Regarding both servers, the following has been added: • Cave Horrors
      • Removed Unused Slayer Commands due to ;;Slayer being added.
      • Fishing spots at Donator Zone (Monkfish and Rocktail). Regarding the economy server only, the following has been added: • NPCs at home have been given a small description of their shops, within their names.
      • Ectophial has been added to the Infinity Points Shop (Equipment) for 5,000 Infinity Points.
      • XP Lamp rates have been corrected. [ You no longer will receive the same amount of XP as a small lamp for each lamp. ]
      • Anti-Dragon Shield has been added to the Low Level Armours shop.
      • 1 Hour DXP Books have been added to the General Store for 5,000,000 coins each. [ Yes, the DXP is stackable. You can view time left on your task system tab. ]
      • Anti-Fire Flasks (6) have been added to the Herblore Shop.
      • The Crystal Key chest will now have the chance to give out a Shield Right OR Left half.
      • You can now purchase Crystal Keys in the Infinity Point Shop (Equipment) for 2,500 Infinity Points each!
      • Alice's Farming Supplies - New shop with tools, compost, and seeds has been added.
      • Bow string and Feathers have been added to Dommik's Crafting Supplies shop.
      • Ava's Alerter has been added to the Ranging Weapons and Ammo shop, within Mandrith.
      • Explorer's Ring 4 should now be equip-able through the Inventory.
      • Bandos Armour drop rate was increased.
      • Slayer Helms are now able to be created.
      • You can now use the split option on a Fury (orn), although the Chisel option is still available.
      • Dragon Sq. Shields are now able to be put together.
      • DXP Books now save your timer when logging out.
      • Adamant > Barrows added within the Infinity Points shop. [ Starts at 500 which increases 250 each tier above. ]
    • GM's Graphic Update Log
      By Game Master · Posted
      Pretty spot on, yes! However, I try to use various tools provided by Photoshop to enhance the overall outlook of the piece. I'll also try to leave out text from now on and see how it turns out. Nothing good's ever been said about my text, so I feel it's better to attempt disregarding it. I understand what you mean by the stealing focus statement. I'd like to try to provide more effects, but steal less of the 'shine'. Maybe I failed to do so, I could have afforded to erase some of the C4D. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, after I applied some highlights, I thought it looked good then. I'm oblivious to 'eye-wandering', as I purposely do it continuously throughout making the piece. Perhaps this is a little better?
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