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  • Latest Posts

    • Clan Chat
      By RuniqueRSPS · Posted
      Relex's been working on a clan chat system for the past 2 weeks or so since ours needed a major rework. We have been in alpha testing for the past 3 days and just recently released it for beta testing in our main world. Features:   Cross-world compatibility (joining, leaving, kicking, talking, promoting/demoting, banning, etc)Plan an event in your clan calendar up to 3 months ahead of time Sign up and view which members have signed up for an eventChoose whether or not guests are allowed in your clan chat (non-ranked members)Check general statistics of all clan membersClan levels that will give clan points and access to certain clan perksClan tasks that require X amount of clan members in a region in order to progress and grant clan xpUpload your logo and insert the link to use as your clan logo (automatically resizes if above max dimensions)Add a short description of your clan so any guest/member may read in your overviewSet permissions of certain actions to only be modified by certain ranksSort your members list (clan chat tab and in setup interface) however you prefer; alphabetical, rank or world orderPurple dots for clan members in minimapLootshare and coinshareNotifications for official clan messages (bold font title and red text message) + A lot more stuff I forgot
       GIF of the clan chat system: Please login or register to see this link. Below is various screenshots of the new clan chat system  
      Will make a YouTube video on it once it's out of beta, as a GIF is a tad more rushed and we're bound to miss a lot of small/cool features. New update: Hiscores for clan chats
    • The Falling Medows - 718
      By CupiCake · Posted
      New Feature - Zombie mode <3 
      Fan made video xD <3
      Please login or register to see this link.
      By axe mango · Posted
      Hello RuneLocus! im not New here, i just never have posted on the forums. but for those that would wish to know a little about me, i am a young guy, age 20 that used to play this great RSPS called "HG-RS. made by "Peeta" All credits go to him, without him i wouldn't of had the source. here is a video on how to server Works!   FORUM - Please login or register to see this link. -- download link for client at the bottom on thread -- Basically, this is what peeta said in his post back in 2013. Have you grown tired of most private servers? are you bored of doing the EXACT same thing on each and every one? Well, that's where we promise to be different at. Our server is entirely a mini-game based server, no leveling, and no grinding for hours on end to achieve goals that you might just end up losing anyways!

      Sound good? Well continue on reading! Our gameplay concept is based off the Hunger Games, similar to theMinecraft servers, but unique and fun in its own way! - If you don't know what the Hunger Games are, then you should definitely go watch the movie or read the book, you'll love them!

      SO, do you think you can fight off 15 or more players in a timed death match? Oh not to mention, the only items you can acquire are the ones that you find around the map, or from the players you've killed. Think you have what it takes? Only the best can win!

      You can unlock or buy special kits to help your chances of winning, unlock new perks that increase passive abilities, and fight your way to the top! If you think you have what it takes, then please join, and be prepared to fight for your life! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Now this is were i come in. This server was a totally Pay to win. who ever donated got the "OP" perks and would most likely destroy everyone else, so what i decided is to make EVERY kit FREE but with a twist! you have to earn it by getting Exp from winning Games. What do kits do?   Default: Has a slight chance for a little more food from chest drops, start out with 5 food not 2
       Berserk: Has a slight chance to increase your max hit damage, start with a zerker necklace and a super strength pot. Berserks do 5% more passive damaged but have -10% defense.
       Archer: Have the ability at random to shoot quicker with an MSB, also have a higher chance to get arrows or any ammo from chests. Start with ranger boots and an MSB. Archers have 5% more passive range damage but -5% melee.
       Elementalist: You don't need any elemental runes (Airs, fires, etc) while casting spells. Also you have a higher chance of getting runes from chests. Start with Ancient staff and wizard boots. Elementalist can hit upto 5 more damage with any spell.
       Alchemist: Start with a mixture of herbs and vials to make potions.(Note there is no other way to get most pots unless you're alchemist). Also have a high chance to drop herbs and vials from chests.
       Forsaken: Spawn in a random spot outside of the circle during the beginning of the match.
       Sickness: Has a 10% chance to rot 1 or 2 of your opponents food with melee and slightly less then 10% with range or mage!
       Saint: Prayer drain is drastically reduced, you're also immune to the decreasing prayer that happens throughout the match. You're given a permanent "smite" ability without actually having to use smite. If you're less than 99 hp you have a chance to randomly be healed by Saradomin. You start with a holy symbol, you must wear this for the effects. 
       Tagged: Tagged is a interesting kit where you get a special device, and with it, you can use some powerful abilities. First you must attack a player, after doing so they become tagged. The last person you attack is the person who becomes saved as your tagged player. Now with your device you'll be able to either "Hurt", "Teleport", or "Copy" them. Hurting will deal a random amount of damage up to 30. Teleporting will bring them to you, and last, copying them will copy their gear, but becareful because it has a high chance of failure.
       Perished: When you die you'll respawn on the same spot with your items and 60 hp. You can only do this once per game.
       Venom: Has a chance to poison anyone you hit with any weapon. Your poison will do 10 damage. You can't poison other venoms.
       Blizzard: You have a chance to freeze the person you're fighting with a ice barrage that does upto 10 extra damage (10% chance with range, and 20% with melee). You start with ice gloves and must wear these to get the effect, you're also immune to desert heat.
       Flash: - This was in the old source, but i removed it because i personally dont like it. and it caused lag for other players. idk why.
       Looter: Increase your chances for rare items by 50%, and increase your chance for a Grand chest from 1/75 for normal players too 1/45 for Looters. You start with a rogues mask and must wear this for the effect.
       Jumper: Start with a portal item that lets you place a portal down anywhere you want. Later you can teleport back to the portal and anyone else around you. The cooldown is 20 seconds.
       Skiller: Start with two saradomin brews, some unfinished rune arrows, and a prayer potion. You can fix barrows within your inventory with a 100% success rate, and you can steal already cooked fish from stalls.(Normally raw) You're immune to desert heat and trapped chests don't work on you.
       Chaos: Has a chance to randomly unequip and drop enemy items, cause bleeding damage that does upto 8 damage over a couple seconds and disable players run.
       Tainted: Can hit through players defense and prayer and steal their health. Also given a powerful orb that will steal all players health that are around you, and recover some prayer of yours too.
       Necromorpher: The Necromorpher is our "upgraded" version of the Elementalist except with a tad bit of evil mixed in. When using this kit, you'll be given a Necromancy book. If you read the book it will turn you into a skeleton mage, increasing magic attack by 100%, increasing magic damage by 10 (That's 5 more than Elementalist!), and a 50% defense increase. Not just that, but you'll also get unlimited runes of all types! Beware though, your body can only maintain being in this morphed state for 45 seconds. Once those 45 seconds are up you'll need to wait 75 seconds to morph again. Knight: Ready to be sworn in as a Knight of the round table? With this kit you'll be the tank of all other kits. The Knight gets a few very unique abilities that'll make him untouchable, yea, seriously! He starts with Excalibur, but because hes a Knight the sword syncs better to him. Making the special attack 2X better just for him. On top of the defense boost from the sword, he has a 10% higher passive defense (As if he always has defense prayer on). But, what makes the Knight most unique is his second item. The Holy Force. When used will make him completely invincible for 20 seconds! With such a power comes a down side, both melee and range will be -10% weaker and it has an 80 second cooldown before it can be used again.
       Wretched: Get ready to absorb one of the greatest powers of all Runescape! With this kit you'll get a special Tomb Book, when attemping to read, you'll become possessed by one of the anicent barrows warriors! You'll randomly be transform into one, and gain their powers. Some of which include; Dharoks the Wretched's insane strength, Guthans the Infested's hitpoint leeching, and Veracs the Defiled's ablity to pierce armor and prayer! Your stats will be based on how long the game has been going and progressively get higher as the game goes on. In the death match your equipment stats will be 110% of their normal power! Also, similar to the Necromopher kit you'll also get a +50% passive defense buff while being possessed! Terminator: A new kit that i made, you have a 1/40 chance of having an "Ultimate" attack that will most likely 1 hit your enemy if your lucky. for example, you could punch a 99 and 1 hit someone. but the chances are very slim, usually when you do use your Ultimate it can hit up to x5 your regular max hit. Beast: another Perk made by me, this kit just like the "Wretched" perk, transforms you into a Lesser demon. that when attacks has a chance of stealing hp(tainted kit), causes Bleed damage(chaos kit) and doubles your max hit damage! this only lasts for a few seconds and then you must wait to use the ability again. Monster: this kit, oh baby... this kit im still messing with as it is almost to overpowered. it will take forever to achieve enough Exp to get this but trust me, its worth it! this kit combines "chaos, tainted, skiller, looter and perished all in one! it will have a downside to it.. but as im writing this i am not to sure yet.  Ghost: this kit you will have a "never ending" amount of food and the ability to noclip threw walls and objects, you also have an ability to turn yourself invisible for a few seconds and cant be clicked on! but you will still show up on the minimap!      Download the client Here!  Please login or register to see this link.
    • Deadman Rebirth
      By Dmrebirth · Posted
      Release in 30 hours!
    • Hello Everyone :)
      By Cart · Posted
      We currently do not have a donation system setup. But welcome to RuneLocus!
    • Hello Everyone :)
      By TheCreator · Posted
      Hey, my name is jaden. I had an account here long ago but decided to come back and make another. I look forward to being part of the community. Where can I donate ?
    • Deadman Rebirth
      By Dmrebirth · Posted
          We are happy & excited to Announce that we will be releasing the Beta version of Deadman Rebirth on the  27th August 12PM GMT! Tell your friends! Get your teams ready! Cancel your work! Deadman Rebirth is almost here!
      Download is on the  Please login or register to see this link. Please login or register to see this link. of our Website.
      Please login or register to see this link.   Please login or register to see this link.       Deadman Rebirth GIF Gallery  
    • Echorium - 718
      By Echorium · Posted
      Bunch of updates. +  Feedback?
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