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    • Zelix
      By samar · Posted

        Introduction Hello, I'm Samar and I'm the new owner of Zelix. I've logged ingame and met some of you but not all of you. I'm 19 years old and I live in Toronto, Canada. I will be building Zelix up as a community throughout my time here. I will spend a lot of time trying to make Zelix the most enjoyable for you guys. You can always contact me via PM and I will reply to you asap. 
      Website Changes I've changed up the whole website & forums as the previous ones were simply bad. They looked to simple and bland. We're using IPB forums with a custom theme. I hope you guys like it, please let me know if you want any changes. 
      Eco Reset This has been one of the most important discussions in the past 2 days of me being here. Some people want to reset the economy and some don't. There are players who have been playing for quiet a while and have good items. My problem is not that people have these items but there are too many of them in quantity and not much players for them to go around with. If a new player logs in and sees people with torva's, claws, ags's  ( in numerous quantities ), he'll feel that he can't compete with these old players and leave.  I do understand that the older players have put in time and effort into getting their items so I will do the following to make it up to you.  Refund donators ( ranks & points donated for )
      Refund player statistics ( skills & pk points etc )
      Refund certain players depending on how much they currently have  Staff All the current staff team will be demoted. I want to give this a fresh start and give others the opportunity to become a staff member. Although, the old staff members are more than welcome to apply for a rank again. Ingame Updates My main focus ingame is bugs and glitches. I want to fix the current content before adding new content. It'd be really helpful if you report any bug you see. There is a section on forums for this. I will reward the people that find a decent amount of bugs.  
      More updates!
      Before you go any further, make sure you download the client V1.2! Client related updates:
      - Private messaging is now fixed and no longer cuts off.
      - Links have been added to the client menu.
      - There have been a number of updates to the website and client aesthetics.
      - New icons have been added for donators. General updates:
      - The kill log no longer resets on log out.
      - The Statius Warhammer special attack decreases the opponents defence instead of strength.
      - The altars at all GWD bosses now work. (a restriction may be added soon)
      - Corporeal Beast is slightly harder to kill. (we will most likely look into this further)
      - Player titles are working again.
      - Tormented demons are receiving attention. They are currently multi, but will likely be changed to single and their multi-target attacks being removed.
      - Jad is now a lot more accurate.
      - Upon completion of an elite slayer task, Zelix are added to a player's bank instead of their inventory. This was to prevent the situation where the player's inventory was full. Huge update to global prices:
      About 700 items have received changes to their global price.
      This means:
      - The general store will now purchase these items for different prices.
      This will effect skilling especially. You might find yourself making a lot of profit and losing a lot of money now with certain skills
      - Items kept on death has received a massive overhaul.
      If you notice any items that should not protect over one another, let us know! Even though the items kept on death is much better now, I would HIGHLY recommend that you check the items kept on death interface before you enter the Wilderness and risk any items. Other skilling updates (Batch 2):
      The changes to global prices will make a big difference to the way skilling is. Approximately 600 of the items effected were skilling-related.
      - You can now fish rocktails!
      - Thieving now gives uncut gems instead of rings.
      - The herblore shop has been cleaned up. And that's all for today. Another update in a few days, stay tuned!

    • Atlantis Rsps 317
      By tightryan1 · Posted
         100% barrows unique minigame Autocache fixed New home - Varrock Domain and forum integration coming soon
    • InfiniteDestiny
      By metanoia · Posted
      added forum "quest"
      added the guides on forum  in how to start the available quest of the server
      added command "quest" to open the forum that shows guide on how to start quest available of forums
      Quick Presets  Equip a favourite set of combat gear or backpack-full of skilling items in the blink of an eye with quick presets, and clear out the clutter with ease with our new command "opengp"
      Presets will save your
      spell book
      and equipped armor,ammunition,shield,sword/staff/bow Then, you'll be able to reload that preset by doing the command "opengp" In this way, it's easy to quickly gear up for an adventure, and your skilling will be smoother than ever.
      Regular player can save 2 preset and donators can save upto 3 preset.    
    • Exylum 742/857
      By TimeRS3 · Posted
    • Amulius 317
      By amuliuspvp · Posted
      Fire making (Ring of Fire & Flame Gloves) 
       Players have a 3% chance while firemaking to obtain any of the 2 pieces. Players can collect multiple pieces and/or sets. 
       Effect: Players have a 10% chance to put up to 3 logs into a bonfire in a single action, if both items are worn. If possible, the player can right-click the logs and automatically light it  (Without a tinderbox), if the player is wearing the Flame Gloves.Finally, the player earns additional experience if both items are worn.  Herblore & Hunter (Witchdoctor Clothing) -
       Players have a 3% chance while making potions or Hunting (Red Chinchompa, Ninja, Dragon & Kingly) to obtain any of the 3 pieces Players can collect multiple pieces and/or sets. 
       Effect (Herblore) - Players have a 10% chance to create 4-dose potions instead of 3-dose. Players also have a 10% chance to create multiple potions in a single action, up to 4, if the f ull set is worn. Finally, the player has a slight increase in experience, if the full set is worn. 
       Effect (Hunter) - Players have a +10% increased chance at capturing Hunting NPC's, as well as a 10% chance to capture multiple in a single action, up to 4, if the full set is worn.  Finally, the player has a slight increase in experience, if the full set is worn.  Mining (Golden Mining Suit & Inferno Adze) 
       Players have a 3% chance while mining (1% for mining the Crashed Star) to obtain any of the 5 pieces of Golden Mining Suit or the Inferno Adze. Players can collect multiple pieces  and/or sets. 
       Effect (Golden Mining Suit): Players have a 10% chance to mine multiple ores in a single action, up to 4, if the full set is worn. Also, the player earns additional experience, if the full  set is worn. 
       Effect (Inferno Adze) - Players have a 10% chance to automatically smelt the ore (Excluding Coal), receiving smithing experience. This ability can be toggled off or no by operating the  item.
      Woodcutting (Lumberjack Outfit & Inferno Adze) 
       Players have a 3% chance while woodcutting to obtain any of the 4 pieces of Lumberjack Outfit or the Inferno Adze. Players can collect multiple pieces and/or sets. 
       Effect (Lumberjack outfit): Players have a 10% chance to cut multiple logs in a single action, up to 4, if the full set is worn. Players also have a +3% increase to obtain Bird's Nest with  eggs in them. Also, the player earns additional experience, if the full set is worn. 
       Effect (Inferno Adze) - Players have a 10% chance to automatically light the log, earning Firemaking experience. This can be toggled off or no by operating the item.   fixed the runecrafter robefixed the golden mining outfit
       Players have a 3% chance while Runecrafting to obtain any of the 3 pieces of Master Runecrafting outfit. Players can collect multiple pieces and/or sets. 
       Effect (Master Runecrafting Outfit): Players have a 7% chance to create double or triple the amount of runes that the player would normally make. Also, the player earns additional  experience, if the full set is worn.    
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