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Various unique modes (Nostalgic breath of fresh air, Pk tournaments, Spawn mode, Economy, Ironman, Reliable core)




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Asellus offers a unique mix of content that is sure to be satisfying. It was founded by two dedicated brothers who spend 100% of their free time updating, and improving content. Upon joining our superb server, you will instantly feel a refreshing breath of nostalgia. The aim is to legitimately cater to all types of player’s around the world. That includes Economy players, Mercher’s, PKers, Ironmen. If your desire is to load up and PK and participate in things like PK tournaments, you can do that at Asellus. If your aim is to abuse the Player Owned Shop’s and merchant others to increase your wealth, you can also do that. The possibilities are endless at Asellus. Enjoy limited time items and a Trial donator slip upon registering (eligible for 2 free packages upon account creation) We truly do mean it when we say we will cater to the community, and give back. Come join an uprising community at Asellus! See you soon.

-Reliable core
-Well coded with love and care
-Spawn Mode
-PK Tournaments
-Specific events for specific game modes
-Purchase Blood Money items such as ‘Dwarf cannon training’ (Allows you to build an account with 10 hp, 99 ranged)
-Item Transfer Box (Transfer items between game modes)
-Chicken shrine (XP server boost)
-Perfectly executed special attacks
-PK bots (With mighty drops)
-Highlighter Boss event
-Daily login streak rewards
-Daily task system
-Loyalty chest
-Plenty of Mystery Box for you to loot!
-Player Owned Sales (Trading post)
-Flex Vendor (Custom titles, Update your badge)
-In line discord (Matches with the server)
-Well thought out Website and forums
-A client updater that actually works.
-Skill keys
-All functioning skills
-Forging skill
-Semi-custom (But not lightsabers and pokemon)
-Actually not a cash grab (Everything is obtainable IG)


Asellus PS RSPS screenshot 1
Asellus PS RSPS screenshot 2
Asellus PS RSPS screenshot 3
Asellus PS RSPS screenshot 4


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