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A community built for all (OSRS | PvP | Eco)


Aurora is a semi-custom PvP | Economy focused OSRS-PS. We offer a wide variety of 1:1 OSRS content ranging from accurate skilling to bossing and minigames. Any content we add from OSRS we do our best to come as close to OSRS as possible in terms of function and mechanics. Alongside OSRS content Aurora houses various custom content to dive into throughout the world. Specifically world events, world events offer players a opportunity to receive high tier rewards as well as interact with members of the community all at once. World events will be a heavy focus throughout Aurora’s lifespan as we want to really build a community that interacts together. These events can be safe or found in the wilderness around Aurora, you can find more detailed information below on these events as well as on our wiki.

Notable Features

  • Smooth client with minimal bugs including Runelite + 117 HD
  • Pet Perks
  • Unique home including AFK area, LMS and more
  • Loads of unique and clean custom interfaces for stuff like Quest Tab, Game mode selection, tournaments, rank upgrading, item enhancing, and many more
  • Clean custom items, npcs & maps that fit OSRS
  • Near 1:1 OSRS slayer system
  • Nightmare (close to 1:1 combat, all Nightmare staffs work properly)
  • Achievements & Collection Logs
  • Loads of dungeons, minigames and bosses to take on around the world
  • Ability to purchase donator ranks with GP + Playtime
  • Item Enchanting/Upgrading
  • Loads of skilling content including Construction, Wintertodt, Puro Puro, Most OSRS roof courses and much more

Notable PvP Features

  • Quick gear system for PvP mode
  • Presets
  • Unique 1v1 & 2v2 Arenas as well as Battlegrounds coming soon
  • Multiple unique wilderness events
  • Daily PvP rewards
  • Last Man Standing minigame
  • Custom High-Risk Zone
  • Close to 1:1 Revs cave including Revenant Maledictus
  • Massive wilderness expansion
  • Over 6 wilderness bosses to take on


Aurora RSPS screenshot 1
Aurora RSPS screenshot 2


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