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[BadKush BETA – Vision]
Our main goal for Badkush is to make it the new standard for Oldschool runescape private servers, too long have players been putting up with poor gameplay and the same washed out features in RSPS. We aim to break away from the norm and make the most playable server to date! We have a very dedicated development team who are determined to make the best server you’ve ever seen! We are currently going through beta testing and we need your help to make Badkush the best server to play! Beta Testers will receive the Beta title in-game and on our discord channel! Come join us today as we make this server the best that it can be! Start now!

[Main Features]

  • [+] Built with Oldschool Runescape’s 171 Data. That’s the current release from osrs!
  • [+] All oldschool weapons up to date!
  • [+] All people who play during the beta automatically receive donator rank after 24 hours of playing!
  • [+] Custom Raids that scale with the party size!
  • [+] Custom Highscores with categories that include: Stats, Prestiges, Game Mode, Kills, KillStreaks, Deaths, Online Gametime, Rare Drops and Triva Answers, Clues Completed, and more!
  • [+] Active Community Forums!
  • [+] Active Wiki for guides and ingame information!
  • [+] Plenty of Achievements to complete!
  • [+] Many minigames with more to come!
  • [+] Two gamemodes to choose from! Will you accept the Extreme challenge with 1/6th the experience rate?
  • [+] Ironman and Ultimate Ironman for both experience rates! Do you have what it takes to be one of the top ironmen?
  • [+] Bounty Hunter targetting system for pkers!
  • [+] All skills working with many giving skill-related points!
  • [+] All achievement capes! (Max cape, Completionist cape with requirements)
  • [+] World events such as Trivia & World Bosses. Both have great rewards!
  • [+] Loyalty system and awesome rewards!
  • [+] We have alot of items from revisions up to 562,with the player-base being polled on wanted updates.
  • [+] Over 150 pets!
  • [+] Global Events! Currently includes World Boss and Slayer, more coming soon!
  • [+] Twisted bow? ULTIMATE Twisted bow!
  • [+] Custom Point systems with over 20 point types ingame!
  • [+] Custom Bosses! Viriditas, Pharaoh King and more!
  • [+] Working Vorkath!
  • [+] Custom Quests with more to come!
  • [+] Flawlessly Working Barrows
  • [+] Fully Customisable Bank Tabs with up to 999 bank spaces!
  • [+] NPC Drop Table Interface Ingame with right-click “drops” for table viewing!
  • [+] Automatic Double EXP Weekends starting at 12am Friday server time!
  • [+] Double Coin and Blood Money Events!
  • [+] We have a friendly & reliable staff team!

[+] Informative Quest Tab!

[+] Shops and teleports available from anywhere! learn how in the video below.

[+] Over 40 challenging and unique bosses!

[+] Raids 1 with 4 unique bosses and mobs!
Raids boss 1!

Raids boss 2!

Raids boss 3!

Raids boss 4!

[We have the most stable economy due to our recently implemented Item Buff System!]
This system allows players to use an equipable items with another duplicate of that item and combine them. One of the items used will be consumed upon doing, giving a permanent +1% increase to that items stats! All equipable skilling gear can also be combined to increase your exp, this is also the case with pickaxes,axes etc. You will only be able to combine to a max +X% of your total skill prestiges!

[Discord Features]
[+] Ingame Feed! You will find all rare in-game drops and yell messages.

[+] CONSTANT updates on the devlog, this gif contains the typical weekly update feed for our server. We have a dedicated team of developers!

[+] Raise your voice and make a difference to the players experience on the suggestion and poll channels!

[Custom Bosses]
Crystal Dragons

The Dark Ankou

The Pharaohs Army


World Boss Events! Featuring Enraged Girgio, Skotizo, General Graardor, and Cerberus!


BadKush RSPS screenshot 1
BadKush RSPS screenshot 2
BadKush RSPS screenshot 3
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