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1000+ Players - 1:1 ToA, ToB and CoX - GIM - Yin-Yang Mode - PvP Tournaments (OSGP Rewards) - Custom Unique Skill - Combat Achievements


OldSchool is semi-custom OS server. We offer unique, well-made, and tasteful content you won’t find anywhere else. Custom content ranges from custom skills to custom perks to custom game modes. All while maintaining the artistic and mechanical designs of OSRS.


  • Raids
    • Chambers of Xeric
      • 1:1 with OSRS
      • Custom challenge mode for flat unique drop rate
    • Theatre of Blood
      • Same feel as OS
      • Hard Mode
    • Tombs of Amascut

      • 1:1 with OSRS
  • Game Modes
    • We allow players to select from preset XP rates and battle for the #1 spot in their respective hiscores; or you can choose to set your own XP rate to fit your play-style.
    • OldSchool offers a variety of ironman game modes
      • Ironman: restrictions you would expect
      • Ultimate Ironman: restrictions you would expect
      • Hardcore Ironman: restrictions you would expect
      • Hardcore Ultimate Ironman: restrictions from Ultimate and Hardcore Ironman fused into one (if you die, you are demoted to Ultimate Ironman)
      • Group Ironman: form a group with up to 4 other players with the ability to interact with them
      • Yin-Yang: Duo mode where you and your partner share all stats (gained XP will be shared), Sacrifice perks, and Discovery relics. If one of you dies, the group loses a percentage of XP in every skill. The group shares damage from PvM while near one another, but said damage is halved.
  • Sacrifice Perks
    • One of the most beloved features of OldSchool is the Well of Sacrifice with the accompanying perks. Ranging from QoL perks to booster perks, there will be something for everyone.
    • Obtain sacrifice points by sacrificing valuable items into the well.
  • Discovery
    • A custom and complete skill where you research monsters from different classes.
    • Obtain field notes and relics from defeating the creatures in your research class.
    • Publish your field notes in order to gain XP in the skill.
  • Minigames
    • The Gauntlet
      • Custom take on the OS minigame
      • No prep, start with default weapons, armour, and supplies
      • Gain points by chipping away at Hunleff’s health. You will be awarded points every 25% health you damage
      • Use points to upgrade the default items you start with, or use them in the shop to guarantee items, such as Bow of faerdhinen (c)
    • Wintertodt
      • 1:1 with OS
    • Tempoross
      • 1:1 with OS
    • Dominion Zone
      • Face your choice of bosses without banking in order to receive their drops at a boosted rate
  • Bosses
    • Nex – The Nightmare – Phosani’s Nightmare – Zalcano – Abyssal Sire – Alchemical Hydra – God Wars Dungeons – Corporeal Beast – Giant Mole – Cave Kraken – King Black Dragon – Dagannoth Kings – Kalphite Queen – Cerberus – Zulrah – Vorkath – Grotesque Guardians – Thermonucleur Smoke Devil – Callisto – Chaos Elemental – Chaos Fanatic – Crazy Archaeologist – Scorpia – Venenatis – Vet’ion – Skotizo – Lizard Shamans – Basilisk Knights – Demonic Gorillas – MUCH MORE!


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