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Releasing 5/4/24!

Join OverDose Custom Server for an Epic Gaming Experience!

Are you ready for a gaming adventure like no other? Look no further! OverDose is the ultimate custom server that takes your gameplay to the next level. Here’s why you should join us:

Customized Gameplay: OverDose offers a unique gaming experience with carefully crafted custom features. From exciting game modes to special events, every moment is tailored for maximum fun!

Dedicated Community: Join a community of passionate gamers who share your enthusiasm for OverDose. Make new friends, form alliances, and conquer challenges together. The OverDose family is waiting for you!

Exclusive Rewards: Earn exclusive rewards and unlock special items as you progress through the game. OverDose rewards its players for their dedication and skill. Who doesn’t love epic loot?

Fair Play Environment: OverDose is committed to providing a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. Our rules are designed to ensure a level playing field for all players. Say goodbye to cheaters and embrace fair competition!

Regular Events and Updates: Expect constant excitement with regular events and updates. OverDose is always evolving, bringing you fresh content to keep your gaming experience thrilling and dynamic.

Join OverDose Today and Level Up Your Gaming Journey!


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  • Type: Custom
  • Tags: EOC, Gambling, Ironman Modes, and PvM
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  • Added: 42 day(s) ago
  • Server ID: 47540
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