Reason OSRS

About Reason OSRS

An OSRS server made by people who played a lot of OSRS and wanted to create their own and more fun version of the game! Runelite/117 HD, Lots of Custom OSRS items, upgrades, and boss fights.


A Community focused on providing players the best and most fun OSRS experience. Our Owner was 2000+ Total on OSRS and understands the issues he faced during that grind. RSPS can fix this problem by creating a version of the game players can find fun and enjoyable from start to max.

The things you will experience here is more boss fights with their unique drops themed for stuff OSRS would add. A lot of upgrades and an end game that doesn’t get boring to chase or grind. Each thing you do on Reason will have a Reason!


The best Features on Reason: 

  • Fully working 100% Theatre of Blood and Chambers of Xeric
  • All the Ironman Modes
  • Grind your way to the top with lots of unique upgrades and items to obtain
  • Fully working RuneLite integration – Containing HD, 117 HD and more Plugins!
  • Multiple Unique Boss fights with their own mechanics and drop tables Galvek, and Argentavis dropping things such as a Dragon Hunter Staff and Merlins Cloak(5% Magic Damage Cape)
  • Dedicated Development and Owner. As OSRS players ourselves we want to provide the best OSRS experience for our players and constantly listening to feedback!
  • Perk System providing tons of upgrades to make your grind easier from early to end game
  • Sigils with balanced effects and obtained from Slayer


Reason OSRS RSPS screenshot 1
Reason OSRS RSPS screenshot 2
Reason OSRS RSPS screenshot 3
Reason OSRS RSPS screenshot 4
Reason OSRS RSPS screenshot 5


  • Type: Economy
  • Tags: Ironman Modes, PvM, PvP, and RuneLite
  • Votes: 788 (current month)
  • Added: 128 day(s) ago
  • Server ID: 47426
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