About OSPK

PvP | Spawn | Gambling | HD | Nex | All new PvP server with never ending content! Earn free donator ranks, explore massive wilderness expansion, & more!


Over a years worth of work has gone into creating the most unique content that still maintains an OSRS feeling. I know you all are tired of seeing the same things on every server that “make them different”, so here’s a few of our bigger pieces of content that truly separate us from other servers.

-Focused on PvP, players will be able to compete in 1V1/2V2/10v10 Arenas and Battlegrounds, Tournaments, Bonus Wilderness Content and more, earning Conquest Points that can be spent in a special shop containing BiS items, eliminating the need to grind out bosses or raids for a chance at getting your BiS item to drop.

-Players can Enchant these BiS items to add special bonuses and procs. This is where the non-pvp players will shine, providing materials (dropped by monsters or skilling activities) used for Enchanting BiS gear. The PvP’ers get their best, enchanted items, and the non-pvp’ers make gold. Thus, creating an ideal ecosystem for all player types.

-Players will be able to use in-game gold to purchase all Donator Ranks in-game! This gives every player the same opportunity to reap the benefits of the donator ranks.

-All brand new, unique Wilderness Content, such as (but not limited to):

  • New semi-challenging (but rewarding) wilderness bosses
  • Wilderness Expansion
  • Level 1 Defence Only World
  • Login and Pvp with Quick Gearing
  • Wilderness world events, such as Capture The Flag (a flag will spawn in a random location deep in the wild, players must retrieve it and return it to the Arena Master in Edgeville without being able to use any sort of teleports
  • Wilderness-only clue scrolls
  • Completely re-worked Wilderness Slayer and skilling
  • And much, much more!


OSPK RSPS screenshot 1
OSPK RSPS screenshot 2
OSPK RSPS screenshot 3
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