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Semi-custom OSPS - Minimal P2W


A perfectly crafted Semi-Custom OSPS.

We have a great community of mature, friendly players mostly people who played RuneScape since
they was in nappies like the developers of RuneGuild.
We aim to stay online for years to come, We have most osrs content which we try to keep relevant
while having a custom approach making your experience much more exciting and different to OSRS!


  • Minimal P2W!
  • Normal & Extreme XP Modes.
  • Group Ironman w/ Shared Bank.
  • Full Runelite client w/ 117 HD.
  • Extended Wilderness with Custom Bosses.
  • Sigils.
  • Combat Tasks.
  • Battle Pass
  • Vote Pass
  • Custom Upgrades on items.
  • Minecraft Style Enchanting on items.
  • Custom Odin Quest Line.
  • Instance Manager.
  • Daily Tasks Log.
  • Collection Log.
  • Achievement Log.
  • Diaries Log.
  • Custom Hiscores.
  • Automated Flower Poker.

4x Raids including:

  • Chambers of Xeric.
  • Theatre of Blood.
  • Tombs of Amascut.
  • Vault of Daemonheim (Custom Raid).

World Events Including:

  • World Bosses.
  • Automated Tournaments.
  • Pirate Ship.
  • Black Market Merchant.
  • Deadman Chest.
  • Shooting Star.
  • Crystal Tree.

Minigames Including:

  • Wintertotl.
  • Inferno.
  • The Gauntlet.
  • Zalcano.

Bosses Including:

  • Tormented Demons.
  • Galvek.
  • Vorkath.
  • Nightmare Of Ashihama.
  • Alchemical Hydra.
  • Nex.
  • Xamphur.


đź’ RuneGuild RSPS screenshot 1
đź’ RuneGuild RSPS screenshot 2
đź’ RuneGuild RSPS screenshot 3


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