About ShadowScape

ShadowScape is a 317 revision based off OSRS built for the players by the players!


ShadowScape is based of 317 with OSRS content built for the players by the players!
Here at shadowscape we thrive of what the players want, we are a fresh server in BETA mode
Full raids 1&2 with TOA almost finished
Heaps of Minigames
Full Inferno
Achievements & Achievement dairy
Collection log Coin pouch
Full runelite HD
heaps of game modes including ironman/group ironman


ShadowScape RSPS screenshot 1
ShadowScape RSPS screenshot 2
ShadowScape RSPS screenshot 3


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  • Tags: EOC, Gambling, Ironman Modes, PvM, and RuneLite
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  • Server ID: 47248
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