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StakeScape Rsps - [NEW] HD, Runelite, Started 9.2.23


HD, Runelite, Nex, Raids 1/2, Nomad, Hunleaf & More!

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StakeScape is a brand new, state of the art Runescape Private Server with aims to build a community of all types of players and people. StakeScape offers may different ways to progress your account as well as many different methods to build up your bank value! Not only do we have many different PVM bosses, and raids, such as Theatre of Blood and Chambers of Xeric, we also have a Wilderness full of many different types of events for the PKers out there that want to see an active Wilderness. We also have a Gambling Hub for all those interested in becoming the kings and queens of the server!

If you are one of the people interested in becoming one of the wealthier players, our Platinum Token system may interest you. Platinum Tokens are a purchasable currency through our Store which can be used as a currency to Stake, Dice and / or Deathmatch with, or whatever method of gambling you prefer. If you manage to profit some Platinum Tokens, you will then be able to sell them back to StakeScape for real money! So forget all of those servers that will ban you for wanting to make real money through staking, we encourage it with our system! Who doesn’t want to make money through a game they enjoy?

StakeScape was started this month by a two-person team of brothers who want to rebuild that community aspect so many of us miss. The grind has made us forget what a great game this can be when played with friends, and good company. If you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere, then StakeScape is the place for you!



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