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BETA | Custom RSPS | Rarity System | DryStreak Protection | Secondary Equipment Tab | Buff Perks | Easy To Navigate UI | Balanced Gameplay | Server Perks | 20+ Boss Pets | Free BattlePass | 80+ Monsters | 4 Extra Equipment Slots | Unique Model Design


Tarn RSPS, a new Custom RSPS Experience.

We strive to give quality & long lasting content. We have created various unique & custom content that you haven’t seen before, I can guarantee.

Come and try your luck with our custom Rarity system, each drop received in-game has a chance to grant a unique rarity and it’s associated effects.

With our Secondary Equipment Tab, you won’t get bored quickly. Not only do you have to obtain BIS items for your primary equipment tab, you also have to obtain them for your secondary equipment tab, to grant you extra damage/perks.

With hours & hours of gameplay, Tarn RSPS is here to keep you entertained for a long, long time.

Feel free to join our discord to participate during the beta phase, and get a chance to start ahead with a unique reward once we reach the launching phase.


Buff Totem

Every 30 minutes, you can pray the Buff Totem and boost your stats to 135.


Mini-Me Pet

The Mini-Me Pet helps you battle NPC’s giving you extra damage on your kills.



New Teleport Interface

The teleport interface will indicate all the required information to access each zones & their NPC’s.


New Upgrade Interface

Upgrade your assets into your favorite items.


Secondary Equipment Tab

The secondary equipment tab allows you to unlock extra equipment slots, boosting your stats.


Rarity System

Our rarity system is built to give your items a very unique aspect. Each time you will receive a drop, the dropped item will have a chance to receive a rarity. Each rarity has specific effects assigned.


Custom Boxes

Various custom boxes, containing multiple unique items.


Animated Rank Icons & Player Names

Every rank has custom animated icons & player names.


Custom Home Area

Home area map designed specially to suit our server.


DryStreak Overlay

Amount of kills left before receiving your guaranteed drop as protection.


Rarity Transfer System

With a Transfer Crystal, players will be allowed to transfer a rarity from an item to another.


PvM Casket

NPC’s will have a chance to grant a PvM Casket. The higher the NPC is in tiers, the higher the chance will be. (Not applicable to Starter Progression NPC’s)


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