About TarnishPS

Tarnish is based on OSRS. We strive to make our players have the most enjoyable gameplay.


Strive for Excellence: We’re dedicated to providing a server that stands out for its dedication to authenticity and innovation!

Active Community: Join a friendly and active community! Players are welcomed and encouraged to take the front-seat to engage with each other to share experiences & make friends!

Constant Competition: Think you have what it takes to be #1? Take part in our community events, Fight fearless adventures, and find your way to the top of our Hiscores.

Consistent Updates: The Tarnish team is dedicated to finding + fixing bugs, providing many QoL updates all while implementing new content based largely on the player input.

Invite Competition: Take part in our Discord Invite competition! Invite your friends to help spread the word and help the Tarnish community grow! With 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes everyone has a chance to win these epic prizes! 1st place : $ 300 / USD 2nd place : $ 200 USD / 3rd place : $ 100 USD.


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  • Type: Economy
  • Tags: Gambling, Ironman Modes, PvM, PvP, and RuneLite
  • Votes: 326 (current month)
  • Added: 158 day(s) ago
  • Server ID: 47462
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