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Full ToA w/Invos - Nex - Hard Mode ToB - HD - Soul Raids (Relics!) - The MOST unique OSRS server with the best features! - 4 Raids - QOL - Burn Item Incentive - Good Drop Rate - Tournaments


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Xeros takes our players seriously and we are always looking for feedback to improve our game! Our players are what have helped shape the game we have today. Contact our staff if you have any questions or concerns and we will be quick to respond!

Released June 2021, Xeros is the MOST unique OSRS server with the best features and hosts HUGE giveaways every month! Mainly an OSRS themed server, we also offer unique pieces of content that fit into the OSRS world and help create a balance for the game.


  • Nex
  • Hard Mode Theatre of Blood
  • CoX
  • Burn Item Incentive
  • QoL features
  • HD Plugin
  • The Nightmare
  • Alchemical Hydra
  • Pets with perks
  • Collection Log
  • Presets
  • World Events
  • PvP Tournaments
  • Daily Giveaways
  • Daily Rewards
  • Group Ironman
  • Choose your XP Rates
  • OSRS Content
  • Rewards for Collection Log
  • Wiki with tons of information!
  • Double Drop Events
  • Bonus Xp Events
  • Unique Hespori Boss that offers World Effect
  • Achievements
  • Quests
  • Option to do paid instancing for most areas
  • Skilling Island
  • Unique Maps
  • and much more!

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